BATES MOTEL (2013 – )


Creators: Anthony Cipriano.

Cast:  Vera FarmigaFreddie HighmoreMax Thieriot. 

A modern reinventing and prequel of the movie psycho (1960). This story begins when Norman lives in this house near a hotel that her mom bought and trying to make a go of it, But they quickly find out that this town and his people are a little weird.  First my hat to the creator Cipriano and the writers as well as the casting director for doing a great jobs in this series. The chemistry between the actors is fantastic and has done an outstanding job at that. Norma (Vera Farminga) is as twisted and manipulative as they come she has done an outstanding job. Norman (Freddie highmore) is a talented young actor he embrace Norman so good that he makes it so believable . First it start with his father accidental death and Norma wanted to get a fresh start moves to White Pine Bay Oregon and bus this hotel not knowing that a highway is going to be build and bypass the hotel. Then a brother comes into play Dylan (Max Thieriot) nice going there an other talented actor. The girl that Norman meet the first day at school Bradley (Nicola Peltz) where something dramatic happens in her life and his draw to norman. The sherifs both of them are pretty unusual characters also not to give it away and it moves along just fine This series to me is  almost like Twin Peaks. A must see .




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