HUSTLE (2004 – 2012)


Creators: Tony Jordan

Cast: Robert GlenisterRobert VaughnRob Jarvis

The story of a group of elite con artists, who pull off a complicated scam with several twists. Mickey (Adrien Lester) is the master plan. Albert (Robert Vaughn) is a veteran searching for potential victims and introducing them to the gang. Ash (Robert Glenister) comes up with the locations and equipments. Stacy (Jaimie Murray) uses her charms when it is needed. And then there is Danny (Marc Warren) who Mickey takes under his wing to who him the ropes.

Here is a series that is copied by the American as leverage but a little differently done. The british series however is the better one, it is well casted and well written. If I remember correctly there is only 6 episodes a season. When I first saw it I said to myself here is a great show about con artists. I loved the cons and the way they were going to con their victims. They even went to the U.S. later on in the season.




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