LILYHAMMER (2012 – )


Creators:Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodv.

Cast: Steven Van ZandtTrond FausaSteinar Sagen

Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt), is a former New York mobster Who testify against his boss. He joined the witness protection program. But unfortunately  His boss found out where he relocated so Tagliano tell the feds that he wants to relocate to Lillehammer In Norway. He saw the town in 1994 at the olympics and thought  that no one would is going to think he is in Europe. The transition from being a well respected gangster to a normal citizen in Norway is not easy. Frank soon discovers that in order to succeed in Norway , he must resort to his old ways.

Here is a genius approach to a series where culture difference is going to clash. On the top of it it is a gangster from America who settle in Norway. This series is from Netflix their first series and well done at that. This could of been the Soprano’s spin off but it is not. There is some stuff a lit bit out of hand  Frank being from New York can’t speak their language but understanding really fast learning there, but it is a TV show nobody is going to care. Right from the start you should know that Frank is going to resort to the old ways in order to succeed in Norway. There is a romance with the school teacher with light comedy in it. I love it myself? it is entertaining.



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