BROTHERHOOD (2006 – 2008)



Creators: Blake Masters.

Cast:Jason IsaacsJason ClarkeAnnabeth Gish

Providence in A Irish Neighborhood there are two brothers on either side of the law one a gangster the other a politician. It is organized crime that set in Providence R.I. with the irish replacing the it italians, and a brother who is starting out as a politician. The series focuses on two brothers Tommy Caffe ( Jason Isaacs) is a politician with a bright future and is learning the rules in Rode Island. His brother Michael return after being away for seven years. He is a tough mobster enforcer for the irish mob, and that complicate things with Tommy.

Here is a series that grab you. well done and well written as well as a fantastic cast. I love Fionnula Flanagan who plays Rose Caffe as a tough love approach with her two sons. There is also the falling marriage of Tommy who is trying to keep it together. The story is based on the true life of James J. “Whitey” Bulger , the second longest running guy who is currently of the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List. It depicts the harsh reality of life in Providence violence, domestic troubles, political backstabbing, and substance abuse. Unfortunately the series came in to an end after 2 years.







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