ENGRENAGES (2005 – )


Creators: Alexandra ClertGuy-Patrick Sainderichin

Cast: Fred BianconiCaroline ProustPhilippe Duclos.

English title: Spiral.

Follows criminal investigations in Paris from all the different points of view of a criminal investigation. In the U.S. there were a series called Boom Town which ran a year before it got canceled. Well I am glad that The french  that the french copy that one because it is awesome. And a great cast at that. My hat goes to the writers for accelerating this one at a nice pasted. I am at season 3 and it is so good. It is shot in Paris where I leave now and I am glad to see there is some series that is doing great like that one. It is a gripping series with a series of complicated plot that works well together. You can see that there is political corruption as well as police corruption .The French system, judges, magistrates, and prosecutors work side by side with the detectives on a daily  basis. You have corrupt lawyers, Prosecutors, as well as the mayor and the police. The murders are brutal and horrific  an bloody as hell and you say Ho! my god this is going to be a serial killer that they have on their hand. There is twist and turn in the stories as well.  The assemble cast is extremely talented and have chemistry. There is never a dull moment in this series.




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