MAFIASO (2006 – )


Creator: Hughes Pagan.

Cast: Hélène FillièresThierry NeuvicPhareelle Onoyan

Here is a series that kicks ass. The U.S. has the Sopranos and it did well of course, but now the French has their own. The way they develop this one they put a woman head of the clan and they let it ride. Sandra Paoli’s (Hélène Fillières) uncle is assassinated. His wishes was that Sandra takes over the clan but not too many people are happy about it. They thought her brother would take his place. A woman isolated , hated and respected in a man’s world of violence, murder, racketeering , and politics to show that she can handle it she seduces, manipulate, and reinvented herself. What I like about this series is that she is an woman who go through the emotions of it. She is vulnerable as well as tough although she din’t want it she makes a go of it. The first season was the intro of it and it moved along just fine. Plus you have some beautiful scenery of Corsica. Shot between Marseille and Corsica It is a great series I saw all 4 season and waiting for the 5th season with impatience.








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