LES REVENANTS (2013 – 2015)



Creator: Fabrice Gobert

Cast: Anne ConsignyFrédéric PierrotClotilde Hesme.

English title: The returned. The Returned opens in a small mountain community which is rocked to its core when several local people who are presumed dead suddenly re-appear at their homes. They appear  in human form, they have not aged. They want to reclaim their lives but soon finds out that they are not the only one to have been brought back from the dead. Their returned trigger a series of murder who resemble to a serial killer in the past.

In one episode I was totally hooked. well written well casted and using the writers has used  their imagination at their  very best. It is shot in France in village of Annecy.The first character who come back from the  dead is Camille (Yara Pilartz), a young teenage girl who was killed in the awful coach crash. There is a detective in the mix who is trying to figure out who his wife is seeing on the side come to find out it her ex fiancé . Thomas the detective has installed camera all over his house and is spying on his wife. Then you have the serial killer who comes back the question is  he going to kill again. And there is the little boy who is he really why doesn’t have a family. The season finale was exceptional. Here is a great series that everyone should see.







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