BARETTA (1975 – 1978)



Creators: Stephen J. Cannell

Cast: Robert BlakeTom EwellEdward Grover.

Street smart cop Tony Baretta and he does not play by the rules. His unconventional methods often land him in hot water with his boss But Barreta gets the job done. Ex-cop Billy and Huggy Bear-wannabe Rooster were Baretta’s main men on the street, and Fred was his pet cockatoo.

I saw that show in the 1977 when I first got to the U.S. it was still running. This was the coolest show and even back then. It break all the rules, it was an original show. Barreta lives in a run down apartment in the mean street of New York. He catches bad guys and wear so many disguise it is not even funny. Also they push the envelope on violence as well on everything else. I saw enjoy this show every week now you can find it on DVD.







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