THE HOUR (2011 – )


Creators: Abi Morgan.

Cast: Romola GaraiBen WhishawDominic West

London, 1956. Against the backdrop of Cold War espionage, government repression, the Suez Canal crisis and Soviet repression in Hungary, a new television show is emerging called The Hour for the BBC.

The hour is on BBC America cable channel. Here is the best series created in Britain. It is a spy thriller and drama and you though in a bunch of journalist in there you have a nice little mix.The show’s name is also the name of the investigative news magazine show being created at the BBC and is loosely based on an actual pioneering show called “Panorama,”I come to find out doing a little research. Ambitious young producer Bel Rowley (Romola Garai) wins the jack pot when she’s put in charge of the show. Her longtime friend Freddie Lyon is a young talented journalist is passed over as an anchor but land the journalist investigator. Bel is not too crazy about the fact that they hired Hector Madden (Dominic west) is not much of a writer or anything else which  enrage Freddie where bel know that he is much better suited for the job. The struggle to lift off the show and tries to be the first news to do interviews. The performances of the actors are awesome as well as the writers they really went out there with it .








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