GET SMART (1965 – 1970)

Creators:  Mel BrooksBuck Henry

Cast:  Don AdamsBarbara FeldonEdward Platt

Maxwell Smart is a bumbling secret agent, assigned by his “Chief” to foil KAOS’ latest plans for taking over the world. Invariably, Smart’s bumbling detective style lands him in hot water. Lucky for him, his faithful assistant “99” is there to bail him out.
Some dude introduced me to the reruns of Get Smart when I saw the episode I thought there is a series that is cool became a classic and it is funny as well as charming. I loved Barbara Feldon as agent 99. she is 80 years old now and still looking good. she has done a lot of TV after get smart until 2006. There is Don Adams who was working hard on the set no room for improvisation. He had a good relationship with Barbara until he died. He has done a lot of TV until 2000. Those were the good old days back then. I still love the series and I believe you can find it on Netflix. Have fun with this one.


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