SOUTHLAND (2009 – 2013)

CreatorAnn Biderman.

Cast :  Michael CudlitzShawn HatosyRegina King.

Southland takes a raw look at Los Angeles as it is in the 2000s and as well at the lives of the officers of the Los Angeles Police Department who are trying to contain it.
Now there is a show that has a feel of a realistic documentary well like Dragnet and Adam-12. This a show like that one in today society, In south L.A. and things has changed since 1959. Unfortunately the show was not well received. It had every thing organized crime , gang, burglars, domestic violence, rape, etc….. C. Thomas Howell delivers an believable alcoholic cop. It is a raw look at L.A. Police officer on the job in south central L.A. A well done show who did not get the praise from the public. That is why it went from NBC to cable channel TNT. The cast delivers ia great performance ever seen in a series.


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