THE FALL GUY (1981 – 1986)

Creator :  Glen A. Larson

Cast : Lee MajorsDouglas BarrHeather Thomas

Colt Seaver is a combination bounty hunter and stunt man. He drives a big GMC truck with a eagle painted on it’s hood. He chases after “bad guys” and returns them to the Los Angeles area. He has two companions, Howie and Jodie. These two companions usually follow Colt in his adventures and sometimes they are on there own.
Oh! Yeah I remember this one back in the day we used to watch that one and see Heather Thomas in action. She was hot and still hot now. Lee Majors Was back with this series I like this one it lasted 5 years. Heather is still doing TV and movies. As for Lee majors Who was born in Wyandotte Michigan is still working doing movies and TV. I guess there is life after The six million Dollar man. He is still the coolest dude around. As for Douglas Barr He is still working doing movies and TV, He also directs for TV. It was not the best written show but it was fun to watch.


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