THE SHIELD (2002 – 2008)



Creator : Shawn Ryan.

Cast : Michael ChiklisWalton GogginsJay Karnes .

Farmingdale District where lies the most dangerous criminals. Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) is a head of a special police force the strike team. Chief Aceveda (Benito Martinez) has just been appointed In this district. The method that the strike team uses are called in question. Well Mackey and his team uses deadly force, racketeering, steals from drugs dealers etc…. In an other word they are bad cops. Aceveda looks to expose police corruption within his precinct and spent time on butting head and spying on Vic and his strike team.

I first watched that series I was hooked from the beginning. an original series that has never been done before a whole series on bad cops and how they operate. Vic is complicated character sometimes you like him sometimes you don’t and you see why he is a bad cop and what is is motivation. they are some graphic image in this series and it is not for everyone you will love it or hate it. As the series goes on you see how bad to the core they are, and the mistake that they make and trying to fix. Overall a very good series.






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