THE WILD WILD WEST (1965 – 1969)



Creator: Michael Garrison

Cast: Robert ConradRoss MartinWhitey Hughes

James West and Artemus Gordon are two agents of President Grant who take their splendidly appointed private train through the west to fight evil. Half science fiction and half western, Artemus designs a series of interesting gadgets for James that would make Inspector Gadget proud. A lighthearted adventure series.

I remember this one back in the days I saw it in the rerun in the 70’s That was awesome series it is like the man from U.N.C.L.E. but in a western. Set in the 1870s, with two Secret Service agents operating out of a private train. “The Wild Wild West” lived up to it’s title, and had more imagination, action, and romance than any other series of it’s time. This series was ahead of its time. Robert Conrad as James West, an impossibly handsome, yet dedicated secret agent had a side kick to take on the world. Ross Martin, a 45-year old with impeccable credentials over a twenty-year career. He had begun acting on radio in the forties, playing a wide variety of characters, and his role as Gordon gave him a similar opportunity, as a master of disguise. Martin and ‘Gordon’ had much in common, and he and Conrad quickly developed a friendship that would continue until his death, in 1981. The loyalty between the pair was so strong, in fact, that when Martin suffered a mild heart attack, during the series’ run, the star and producers refused to write his character out of the show, but filled his ‘position’ with ‘guest stars’, until he was healthy enough to resume the role. The principle theme of the show was that a bad guy wanted to destroy the world and those two agent had to stop him with gadget and such which I loved.It was canceled so I have heard because it was too violent at the time and the producer were afraid that the series was going to flop so they retired the series on top after 5 years. great series I bet you can find it on Netflix. See it again I know I will.


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