0Z (1997 – 2003)




Creators : Tom Fontana.

Cast : Ernie HudsonJ.K. SimmonsLee Tergesen

OZ Is a new experimental cell block in the Oswald Maximum Security Correctional Facility. Head by Warden Leo       Glynn ( Ernie Hudson) and manage by Tim McManus (Terry Kinney) are struggling to full fill the inmates needs. Some fight for power , other fights for drug territory , Power over inmates, some want money to buy (tits) a code name for drugs. Some struggle to stay alive just to see parole. This is a no hold bar series who hold no punches on the accounts of prison life. at every episode there is an explanation from a wheel chair bound narrator.

An original series Came out a while back. Since the first episode I was hooked you get a looked on the inside of an experimental prison with a series of flashback of the crimes from the inmates there and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. They are many different gangs who are trying to get the power. There is alliances, there are inmates over powering other inmates do they can become their bitch. There is one character who does not fit there too much Tobias Beecher (Lee Tergesen), who was drunk while driving and killed a teenager in the process. he find out that been a lawyer well respected does not mean a thing in prison, he just an other inmates who is going to be assaulted in just of matter of minutes. The writes has done a great job to keep up the pace for the show. They put some dark humor into it as well. Great show.






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