EARLY EDITION (1996 – 2000)



Creators : Ian AbramsPatrick Q. PageVik Rubenfeld

Cast : Kyle ChandlerShanesia Davis-WilliamsFisher Stevens.

What would you do if tomorrow’s paper came to your door today? If you knew that you were going to die? Be lucky in love unlucky in life? Gary Hobson ( Kyle Chandler) has to ask himself every day. Gary was a stockbroker who got fired and his wife kick him out. Every day there is a cat that come by his door with a paper. gary tried to find out where the paper comes from when he does it comes from an old man before Gary. The old man dies and the paper gets deliver still. Gary as a friends who wants him to give him the lotto number, sport score, etc… His other friend is blind and she is a dame who is blind who helps Gary make the right choice.

Here is a cult series at his best. Gary gets tomorrow’s paper he has to decided what to do with it. He puts it to good use from the start with the blind woman who needs a dog to be her eyes so he goes to the track and win of course and gives the money to the girl after tell her about the paper. She tells him he can help people with this kind of information. The first season is establishing where the paper comes from and why is it going to Gary also Shanisia the blind women believe is ti help people and he can not waste it. Nice cult series very well written.







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