TRUE BLOOD (2008 – 2014 )



Creators : Alan Ball

Cast :  Anna PaquinStephen MoyerSam Trammell

Here is what is interesting in this original series, There are vampires living among humans the series take place in Louisiana where Sookie Stackhouse ( Anna Paquin) a barmaid can read people’s mind and turn the world upside down of  Bill ‘s (Steohen Moyer) life who is a vampire.

Here is a great series the vampires and humans are living together so there are humans rights of course but the vampire want rights too. They can not harm humans or drink their blood. They have true blood to get by. It is like tofu for humans. Vampires have Washington lobbyists, support groups and talk show. They also have their own louche bars, Called  Fangtasia, where reckless mortals, known as Fang-bangers, trawl for the intoxicating taste of vampire sex. True Blood is a based vampires series of fantasy from the novels of Charlaine Harris that revolve around Sookie Stackhouse, a cocktail waitress who falls in love with a vampire and sometimes tries to solve a murder or two. Also you have human for crave for V Vampire’s blood it is like a drug to them. It has its comic moments at time. I am hooked from the beginning.







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