DCI BANKS (2010 – )




Creator : Peter Robinson.

Cast : Stephen TompkinsonJack DeamAndrea Lowe

Alan Banks, a commissioner  repulsed by the darkness of humanity is first seen with the DS Annie Cabbot. Venue Service Inspection Services (Professional Standards Department) Cabbot integrate the team of  Banks, young, blonde and beautiful, she is ambitious and unscrupulous Banks and Annie are on the verge of having an intimate relationship but  falls into the arms of a broker tables will prove to be a forger.

The series is from a series of book about a detective called Banks form the author Peter Robinson. The dories are quite good here and easy to follow. they go through the investigation little by little without revealing too much. The cinematography is quite good I have been to England many times it is nice to see it in the series. In every police drama those days rents to be on the realistic side. It a bit prectiable but still good, I have watch too many shows and movie it is hard to be surprise those  days. Banks is a little cocky , stubborn ,and a great detective. He does go by the book and never gets caught. The thing is that the character of Banks in TV is different that the one on the books some fans felt betrayed, but Robinson thinks he he perfect for the job, that Tompkinson has incarcerated the character very well and annie is a brunette but the actress is a blonde really that does not matter. Overall it is a great series.



Scarlett Patterson, Stephen Tompkinson



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