Doctor who is 50 years old . The longest running series in the world. I guess people get not get enough go it. I remember back in the day in the late 70’s a geek at the time told me about the series. I watched it for a few years and forgot about it until now and I found out it is still on. By now the creators and producers are driving Ferraris with all the money that they are making. Now that I am back in Europe I am going to start watching it again.
Doctor Who is a British television science fiction series created by Sydney Newman and Donald Wilson and broadcast from November 23, 1963 on BBC One. It tells the adventures of an alien in human form, the Doctor, who travels through space and time on a spaceship, the TARDIS. When the Doctor is mortally wounded, he can survive in regenerating, then it changes appearance and to some extent, personality.
After 26 seasons, the BBC canceled the series due to a loss of audience and the public interest. In the hope of being able to restart the chain produced with Fox TV movie, released in 1996, but had little success condemning the project. In 2003, the BBC announced that a second series would be produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, with Davies as head writer. Christopher Eccleston was announced as the new interpreter of the main character. The second series aired since 2005, is a continuation of the first series and already has 7 new seasons, with a broadcast in many countries including France.

Doctor Who is the longest series of science fiction in the world.1, the original series has 679 episodes of 26 minutes (including 255 black and white), 15 episodes of 45 minutes and an episode of 90 minutes. Taken as a whole, the two series have almost 800 episodes.
In France, the series aired from March 12, 1989 on TF1. The latter began airing with the adventures of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker). The second series is broadcast on France 4.
This series chronicles the adventures of the Doctor, an alien race of Time Lords (Time Lords) from the planet Gallifrey who travels on a TARDIS ( Time And Relative Dimension (s) In Space , Time and Relativity At Dimensional inter Spatiale2 in French ) , a machine that can travel through space and time . Particularly attached to the Earth, it is regularly accompanied on his travels by companions for humans and mostly women .
The TARDIS Doctor generally the appearance of a British Police Call Box 1950 , camouflage system ( to melt the vessel in a common element in place and when it arises ) is stuck at the first episode of the series .
In the first series (1963-1989) Doctor is a Time Lord among others, while in the second series ( since 2005) , he presents himself as the last survivor of his race. It would have ended the Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords , destroying them.
Like all Time Lords , the Doctor has the power to regenerate when mortally wounded , but this regeneration is then accompanied by a change of appearance and character : it is always the same person , with the same memories, but with a body and a transformed character . Traditionally, the various incarnations of the Doctor are designated by their place in chronological order. For example, the ” Sixth Doctor ” refers to the sixth incarnation of the character.

Doctor Who appeared for the first time on television at 17:15 (GMT), 23 November 19633, the day after the assassination of President Kennedy, which made the new series went somewhat unnoticed.

In France, the first three seasons of the second series (the one that began in 2005) came out on DVD between 2006 and 2008. The boxes were sold between 700 and 1,000 exemplaires19.
In January 2011, France Télévisions Distribution decided to repeat these three seasons and out of season 4 and a box containing special episodes of the year 200920.
New cabinets are published June 15, 2011 exclusively Fnac and consolidate thirteen episodes each season. DVD seasons 3 and 4 each offer a special Christmas episode except Christmas Invasion Season 2.
Cabinet Season 1 contains three versions: French version French version subtitled in French for the deaf and original version subtitled in French. Cabinet season 4 and the special episodes contains two versions, original and French and subtitles in French and English.
And of douse the series won a few award over the years. And let’s not forget about the video game that came out.


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