HUNTED ( 2012 – )



Creator:  Frank Spotnitz.

Cast: Melissa George, Adam Rayner, Morven Christie. 

Sam ( Melissa George ) is a spy for an organization named Byzantium.  At her last mission she was double crossed and nearly killed. She hide in a remote location to heal to get back in shape and to think who could of framed her. A year later she comes back. They take her back why? Because she is the best agent they have. She soon finds out she is being hunted and someone wants her dead. Is it her old team or someone else?

Now Iike I said before other country are coping each other but there is Alias from the U.S. and there is Hunted from the U.K. It is 2 different series Alias Sidney thought she was working for a branch of the CIA . In Hunted Sam has been set up and they tried to kill her they find out she is still alive she is hunted by them. That is cool nothing wrong with that. It is show on Cinemax. Sam has a backdrop story where her mother was killed and sam kidnaped it is show as a form of flashback from time to time plus you have the sex scene with the fast paced action scenes. I love this on already. Very cool.




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