Creator: Mikhail Bulgakov.

Cast: Jon Hamm, Daniel Radcliffe, Adam Godley.

It is 1917 a young doctor Just graduated from medical school top of his class. He arrived in this village in Russia about the time of the Russian revolution to work at a local hospital. Later on he struggles to his morphine addiction.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook is a British dark comedy television series adapted from the autobiographical works of the Russian author and playwright Mikhail Bulgakov. Here is a great series. It uses narration and flashback. You see the doctor 16 years later still addicted  to morphine and caught by the Russian police. He written prescription for dead people so he can fees his morphine addiction. Then you will go back 16 years earlier when he was a young doctor when he first started as a doctor at the hospital. The thing is this young doctor is seeing himself 16 years later and talk to himself sort of speak. This is a dark comedy with drama with some gruesome pictures of amputation and such. back then they din’t know  too much in medicine they were just learning. This one is not for kids a little warning there. It has only 4 episodes of 25 minutes each. So enjoy this one and have fun with it.

A Young Doctors Notebook

A Young Doctors Notebook


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