RESCUE ME (2004 – 2011)

Rescue me

Creators: Denis Leary, Peter Tolan. 

Cast: Denis Leary, Michael Lombardi, Steven Pasquale. 

Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) just got divorced. He is a fireman with some issues that he is trying to deal with and a fear of losing his job. He feels uneasy about his ex dating other guys. So to keep tabs on her and the kids he moves across the street.

Here is a series that is twisted as hell. Here you have a bunch of twisted dysfunctional Firefighters. Chief Jerry Reilly (McGee), Sean Garrity (Pasquale), Franco (Sunjate), and Probie (Lombardi) just to name a few. Join in on the insane jobs that they love to do in order to pay the bills. Besides seeing dead people, having a drinking problem, losing his wife (Roth) to a business man Roger Mills (Potter) whom he tends to spy on Tommy Gavin is a regular fireman. And Tommy spying on his ex. As the show went on it escalated to more bizarre issue and such with of course Tommy seeing dead people and Jesus. He also sees the dead people that he wasn’t able to save. It is groundbreaking, gripping and outstanding. FX is trying to get those groundbreaking original shows. Some had little sucres others had great success like this one.


rescue me


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