QUINCY M.E. (1976 – 1983)

Quincy M.E

Creators: Glen A. Larson, Lou Shaw. 

Cast: Jack Klugman, John S. Ragin, Robert Ito .

Quincy (Jack Klugman) Is a brilliant medical examiner who does not play by the rule and has the minimum respect for authority. I remember seeing this show  on Tv back in the 70’s back then there was quincy the first show about a Medical Examiner but now you have Jordan And that CSI series. They are rehashing and making it better. Quincy was the original one of them all. This is the first time let the audience of the series see these new techniques and research, including the build-up of a skeletal face to what the person could have looked like, finding evidence on a piece of clothing or shoes. 38 years ago they were tackling some issue that was not seeing on TV yet. Such topics as airplane safety, epidemics, political influence, riots, runaways and child pornography, post traumatic stress disorder as a result of a war experience, migrant workers, crash diets, child abuse, etc…… This show was ahead of its time .Klugman was perfect for this show he as done an outstanding job. His character was humorous yet serious and loved his job. Quincy has charisma and he cares. He was solving the case with the evidence that was presented in the front of him. Overall this is the show that started it all and what a great show it  was. If you get a chance of seeing it see it . It is available on DVD and i am pretty sure it is available on Netflix.

Quincy M.E.

Quincy M.E.


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