IRONSIDE (1967 – 1975)


Creator:  Collier Young.

Cast: Raymond Burr, Don Galloway, Don Mitchell. 

Ironside (Raymond Burr)  is confined to a wheel chair an attempted assassination left him paralyzed while on vacation. Ironside is hired by Commissioner Dennis Randall (Gene Lyons) as a special consultant to the department. Working out of a remodeled apartment inside police headquarters, he investigates crimes with the help of two bright young officers (Don Galloway and Barbara Anderson) and an ex-con (Don Mitchell).

I remember this series bcd in the day, I caught  it on the reruns and it was one of great smart show on TV back then. It was a good old-fashion show, they did not have topic like child molestation and such on the show. When  issues like racism and prejudice were addressed, the issues were handled with realism, maturity. The series was done in a real time frame with real police work like real cases. It shows how the U.S. system works. As far as I know Ironside was the first crime drama series to show a person who had a disability. The music was from Quincy Jones, that was cool. Raymond Burr Is this genius actor who became Ironside as soon as the camera started rolling. They don’t make those anymore.




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