MANNIX (1967 – 1975)


Creators: Richard Levinson, William Link.

Cast: Mike Connors, Gail Fisher, Ward Wood. 

L.A. private eye Joe Mannix, who first worked for a detective agency known as Intertect, which relied heavily on computers and a large network of operatives. Later on Mannix open his own agency with police widow Peggy Fair working for him as his secretary. And together they take on cases.

Mannix had the abilities to play the hunches and make  decisions by gut feeling. Each week he was being beating, torture, drugged or almost ran over by a car what more can a man endure? and he managed to get out of it every time. This was the most violent TV show at the time. There was Peggy Fair (Gail Fisher), the widow of a cop I loved her character in this one. I watched the is series on the rerun back in 1977 and I loved it. Like I said they do not make those anymore they were the coolest series back then. Mannix was a private detective attractive enough to appeal to women, yet tough enough to keep men watching, as well. Of course Mannix would open the door for a whole new generation of great series  that followed, from “Cannon” and “Barnaby Jones”, to “The Rockford Files” and “Magnum, P.I.” If you happen to go on Netflix I am pretty sure That you will find it there, have fun with this one.




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