Creator: Stephen J. Cannell.

Cast: William Katt, Connie Sellecca, Robert Culp.

Liberal high-school teacher Ralph Hinkley ( William Katt) and right-wing FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) Has a close encounter with a alien out of space who give them a red suit. It only works on Ralph but the thing is they can’t figure out how it works. It give Ralph super powers he looses the  instruction books  and  they still don’t why it was dump on Ralph. So with his girlfriend, Ralph and the FBI agent teams up to battle crime.

Here is a series that is original. I love that one I used to watch it. Katt’s character lost the instruction book to the power suit in the pilot episode, So it was funny how it got to use it and he was trying  to figure out how it works as he went along fighting crime. But at the time I remember  this series was plagued with problems such as a  lawsuit from DC comics, who asserted that Stephen J. Cannell stole their Superman character.Cannell won the lawsuit. Ralph is forced to examine what it means to be a hero while Bill wrestles with having to arrest his own hero, a veteran police officer who has turned to a life of crime. Willian Katt’s character was juggling work, his girlfriend, and tring to catch bad guys. It has a memorable theme song to say the least. As for Robert Cup’s character was always skeptical, impatient federal agent. Then there is the beautiful Connie Sellecca who play the lawyer and Ralph’s girlfriend. If you can get a hold of the DVD of the series see it your kids should love this one.





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