Creators: Patrick Hasburgh, Stephen J. Cannell.

Cast: Brian Keith, Daniel Hugh Kelly, John Hancock.

Milton C. Hardcastle (Brian Keith) was Judge in Los Angeles. Mark McCormick (Daniel Hugh Kelley), a racing motorist, convicted for robbery, was Hardcastles last case. McCormick was set under supervision of Hardcastle and they start to inspect two hundred cases that were never closed totally during Miltons judgeship.

This series not every one will agree with me I like this one not every body liked it. I love the coyote the kit car that McCormick had. Here is two characters that were at each other throat once in the while one was book smart the other was street smart they had to close cases. Mark spent his two years of incarceration in every prison in southern California, although San Quentin was one most frequently mentioned. There was action in this one but it lack of realism but I said it is only a TV show. I watch all three seasons at times they put comedy into it.

hardcastle 2

hardcastle 3



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