MI-5 (2002 – 2011)


Creator: David Wolstencroft.

Cast: Peter Firth, Hugh Simon, Nicola Walker.

The series revolved around the missions of MI-5 who are the UK counter intelligence, in search of terrorist. I saw this one on A&E at the time and I was hooked since the first episode. It is a realistic look at MI-5 and their agents. The writers has put a lot of thought in this one. It is a  look at the agent life their works ans their private life if they have one, their frustrations, their disappointment with not being able to tell their loved ones what they do for a living, or what their name is. It is difficult to jungle a private life and being an agent, it is often lonely. The Americans has done this versions as 24. There is differences between the two. The cast is fantastic and what I like about it there is agent who will get hurt even killed in the line of duty, they have to give it a realistic look because in real life that’s why is happening.  Of course you will find the office politics and blackmailing , double-agents, and even more importantly, inter-agency conflict between Mi-5 and MI-6, and the CIA,  Another thing I really like in MI-5 is that there is no single enemy , most American shows  focus the attention on a single enemy. There is no stereotyping in this series. There is the CIA, MI-6 terrorist IRA etc…. Overall this is a great series.



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