JUSTIFIED (2010 – 2015)


Creators: Graham Yost.

Cast: Timothy Olyphant, Joelle Carter, Nick Searcy.

Deputy Ralph Givens who is a U.S. Marshall Old west Lawman Living in modern times whose unconventional enforcement of justice makes him a target of criminals. As a result of a quick draw shooting of mob hitman Tommy Bucks in Miami, his bass gets him reassign in Kentucky Ralph ‘s home town Lexington. Givens is a calm and soft spoken but deep down inside his an angry man.

I love this show a totally new approach  of lawman in the modern day. Timothy Olyphant, and co-stars Walton Goggins are perfect for this series, the chemistry is there. Justified is rich in story telling and that is a plus those days. he catches bad guys unconventionally And if he had to draw then it was over .Boyd Crowder specifically plays a violent, sociopathic,  he’s also quite educated, and perhaps the most knowledgeable character on the show, Walton Goggins has done a great job here he is definitely a character actor. The there is Olyphant who is also great at it. he also has a bit of a weakness for pretty girls, sad stories, and impossible situations. he can talk down a hostage situation with whiskey and a bucket of fried chicken, or shoot a guy for taking one more step.The dialog is perfect and Justified is a show that you are going to love.




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