STARSKY AND HUTCH (1975 – 1979)


Creator: William Blinn

Cast: David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Antonio Fargas

Tough Starsky and educated Hutch are plainclothes cops taking on dope dealers, muggers and other criminals.With their red 1974 Torino and informant Huggy Bear they clean up the street of bad guys. Of course they are both bachelors and plenty of woman came their way.

When I first got to the sates in 1977 the show was on full force. But there were reruns and I finally saw them all, what a great series it was. Between the 2 actors the chemistry was there even off the set they were great friends. Of course there were huggy bear who was the informer played by Antonio Fargas did a cool job playing him. It is cult classic series. It is a straight shooting cop show where cops catches bad guys. Of course there was the car that they were driving is a matter of fact one of my friends back in high school had a grand Torino a blue one we used to cruise the neighborhood with it. Back then those were the cars now they are just automobile. By that I mean with a car like that you could pick up girls in the 70’s now those days what you are going to pick up a girl with your Honda Civic not going to happen. If you get the chance to see that series see it you are going to love it.



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