THE UNTOUCHABLE (1959 – 1963)


Creator: Quinn Martin 

Cast: Robert Stack, Walter Winchell, Nicholas Georgiade.

Chicago, 1930, time of the prohibition.It is a great time for organized crime. One of the bosses is Al Capone (Newille Brand) he rules Chicago. He was into Crime, prostitution, bootleggers , racketeering etc…… People are willing to pay any price to drink alcohol, and sometimes it is their life they have to pay with. Than came Elliot Ness ( Robert Stack) and his team, and guess what party is over. They tried to defeat the corruption and Al Capone and yes they are all alone, they do not have any friends.

Ness has five man who works for him Martin Flaherty (Jerry Paris), Jack Rossman, (Steve London), Enrico Rossi (Nicholas Georgiade), Lamarr Kane (Chuck Hicks) and William Youngfellow (Abel Fernandez). What I like in this series they didn’t glamorized the criminals even the bosses. A bunch of regular police and gang lords types was also developed, played by Oscar Beregi, Joseph Ruskin, Frank Willcox, and Nehemiah Persoff with regular police and useful guest stars being hired a number of times.You see back then profanity, obscenity, Gore, and gory violence weren’t in place. It was nice and clean. Great series I remember seeing it on the rerun and I loved it.

the untouchables



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