CANNON (1971 – 1976)


Creator: Quinn Martin 

Cast: William Conrad, Patrick Culliton, Tom Pittman

Frank Cannon (William Conrad) is an overweight bald ex cop turn private detective who has a deep voice and has a taste for gourmet food.

Here is a series about a private detective but this guy is fat and bald never been done on TV before as I recall . He supposedly got fat after his wife and child got killed. He is a expert in Karate and got his share of fighting also knew how to handle himself in a car chasing bad guys. He knew how to handle a gun after all he was an expert marksman. It was a fast pacing series with suspense action crime and femmes fatal. Like I said they don’t make those any more. Cannon enjoys a good cigar now and then and also enjoy cooking for his friends. He lives in a luxury apartment. It just a TV show after all. Back then on TV a private detective had a run down apartment and office and wasn’t making too much money that was not the case for cannon. Well it was so simple back then a very basic formula on this one.


Cannon 2


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