SIMON & SIMON (1981 – 1989)

SImon & Simon

Creator: Philip DeGuere

Cast: Gerald McRaney, Jameson Parker, Mary Carver

A.J. Simon (Jameson Parker) Has a tasted of classic cars, fine women, good food and tailored suit. His brother Rick Simon ( Gerald MCRaney) on the other hand is like trucks,  cowboy boots. he two of them live in San Diego, where they own a private detective agency.

You see back in the 80’s even 70’s there were a lot of private detective shows. Rick Simon is a former marine who like Tequila Has a boat that does not float where he resides and get in fight when ever needed. A.J. is college educated like dockers and tailored suit and fine wine as well as fine cuisine. They are in San Diego. A.J.  This is a detective agency they were recovering stolen object, missing persons and the occasional murder. It was not a show as popular as Magnum P.I. But I still liked it. It was a blast while it lasted 8 years during the the 7years it got yo be a little old. It is a nice show 80’s style.

Somon & Simon



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