Creator: Rob McElhenney

Cast: Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney

Four egocentric friends runs a pub in Philadelphia try to find their way into adulthood and dating women. Sometimes they butt heads and gets into trouble. Well welcome to paradise.

Like I said sometimes you have to rewrite the story It’s always sunny in Philadelphia is the funny version of Seinfeld. There is 3 men and 2 women who are selfish and would sell out each other. Dennis the faux-intellectuel the well dressed one is perfect sexual partner is himself. Mac is the ladies man. Charlie is the dumb one and the butt of everyone’s jokes. Dee is the shallow one. The stories read like a bunch of taboo subject. Mac and Charlie are trying to prove they are not racist. Mac and Dennis are using anti-abortion and pro-choice rallies to pick up women. The bar becomes a hit witha bunch of under age drinkers. Charlie thinks he has cancer. Dennis a Dee wants to defraud the welfare system and in the process becomes drug addict. well you get the point and this is just the first season. It is not like you will find anything on TV those days it remain me of that series the George Carlin show.




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