NIGHT GALLERY (1969 – 1973)

night gallery"

Creator: Rod Serling.

Cast: Rod Serling, Larry Watson, Joanna Pettet.

In the format of the twilight zone Rob Sterling has created this series. Each week you get a new tale represented by a painting in an old museum. Those tales are more horror and are darker. The one in twilight zone were science fiction.

I saw this series back in the late 70’s a friend of mine  told me that was on that night it was on the rerun that I watched the 3 seasons of it and I was hooked. although Sterling was creating Night Gallery after Twilight zone .He was the narrator of this show as he was for the Twilight zone. Some episode were terrific, disturbing, and horrific. Some were humorous. They were guest stars like  Burgess Meredith to Ozzie and Harriet Nelson to Leonard Nimoy. Gary Collins there were the  most frequent guest star. It became a cult series back then which is no surprise to me. A young Steven Spielberg has directed 2 episodes, I didn’t know that at the time but later on I did a little research and found out that indeed he directed 2 episode. The  painting in the show were creepy at times like demonic. There were also sculpture as well and they were a little strange this set up the series just fine.


Night Gallery 2-3 Aunt Ada


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