REMINGTON STEELE (1982 – 1987)

Creators: Robert Butler, Michael Gleason.
Cast: Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan, Doris Roberts.
REMINGHTON was one of those amazing shows that spawned a plethora of clones, many of which didn’t make it. Moonlight was on of them that made it. Pierce Brosnan displayed the charm that made him one of my favorite TV stars, and his chemistry with Stephanie Zimbalist was still excellent. The characters were sophisticated and spoke like they were well educated, not like they hung out at the bar all the time. Stephanie Zimbalist starred as Laura Holt, the woman behind the man – an attractive, spunky, fiercely independent private investigator. Pierce Brosnan played the handsome and mysterious thief-with-no-name. The sexual chemistry between Laura Holt and Remington Steele was the driving force of the show but it had so many other plus points too. It is a show with 100% world class. A must see, it has been release on DVD.


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