CRIME STORY (1986 – 1988)










Creators: Chuck Adamson, Gustave Reininger

Cast:  Dennis Farina, Bill Smitrovich, Steve Ryan

Chicago, 1963. As head of the police department’s Major Crime Unit, Lieutenant Michael Torello (Dennis Farina)  must deal with the city’s most dangerous criminals.  The most dangerous of all is Ray Luca,(Anthony Denison), a young ambitious street hood who’s out to gain wealth and power by whatever means – including theft, threats, extortion and murder. As Luca begins climbing up the ladder of organized crime, leaving a growing number of victims in his path, Torello becomes more and more determined to bring him down. Crime Story was very probably the best show of its kind ever. Although it ran only two seasons, it boasted a superbly worked story and, without question, the best cast ever assembled for television. Great series too bad that it ended the second season.
Produced by Micheal Mann. The show is based on the life of Chuck Adamson, a veteran of Chicago’s Major Crimes Unit. The cast and the acting are flawless. Dennis Farina was a member of Adamson’s MCU squad he was just a consultant in thief and became friends with Mann which gave him a part in the film instead, that’s how Mann choose him for this series. He was the perfect choice to play Torello. he was acop for 18 years in Chicago Like I mentioned before he knows the street and the job, he bring a natural instinct to the series on the top of that. And yes there is Andrew Dice Clay who’s performance is out of this world, he nails it out of the ball park, he could of been a great actors but rather do his stand up comedy which I am not crazy about. If you get a chance of seen it see it you will not be disappointed. .















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