KOJAK (1973 – 1978)


Creators: Abby Mann

Cast: Telly Savalas, Dan Frazer, Kevin Dobson 

Lt. Theo Kojak (Terry Savalas) who loves lollypops is this gritty detective from New York. He tirelessly bring the bad guys to jail, and in the process keep his good humor. He his of good nature and his favorite line would be “who loves you baby?”.

I remember seen this one on the reruns. I loved it nothing like those good old series back in the day. It was the first detective series with a bald guy well there was Cannon also a bald one. Kojak was passionate about his jobs, he cares for the people was a people person, he protect and serve. he had a   Capt. Frank McNeil ( Dan Frazer).  Det. Bobby Crocker (Kevin Dobson) who worship Kojak and also Mark Russell and  Det. Rizzo (Vince Conti) in the squad who is part of the gang. Kojak had a Greek background. the show has some realism and was packed with action as well as drama. The series was shot in New York so you can see how New York was back in the 70’s. I also love the suits back in the day in the 70’s and the tie with the big nut as colorful as they were plus the cars back then there were cars not automobile like they are now. A classic TV series that is still watchable even today.




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