Creators: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk.

Cast: Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe 

A couple buy a house and moves in, a psychiatrist Ben (Dylan McDermott), his wounded wife, Vivien (Connie Britton), and their troubled daughter, Violet (Taissa Farmiga). They are running away from his infidelity and to top it all off her miscarriage. They buy this deserted house in Los Angeles  they have been warned the last owner has been murdered. So you know they go yeah we’ll take the house. But they should done their research people has been killed in that house since 1920 and a number of victims refuse to leave. Ben sees the housekeeper not as a middle-aged woman (Frances Conroy) but as her younger self (Alexandra Breckenridge); although Vivian gets a visit from a man in a latex jump suit. Jessica Lange plays this mom who is a bitch half the time who has a down syndrome daughter and goes out with a man half her age younger. Many more characters will come in from time to time and disrupt the family. This is a great horror stories the writers has put a lot of thought and use their imagination on this one and it shows. i am collecting those because some years later I am going to see it again and again. So be warned if you have not see it yet you will be hooked.

american HS

american HS


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