brigades du tigre

Creators: Claude Desailly.

Cast: Jean-Claude Bouillon, Jean-Paul Tribout, Pierre Maguelon

In the early twentieth century  a motorized police brigade was created headed by the Divisional Commissioner Faivre. Inspired by Georges Clemenceau, the then Minister of the Interior and nicknamed “Tiger”, and it became the name Tiger Brigades”. In the early twentieth century, the methods used by the security forces have not changed since Vidocq, if one believes the first episode of the series.

There were a bunch a crime waves in the early 1900’s so the commissioner created a special police force called “Les Brigades du Tigre”. There is a piece of history in this series. I love the cars with the costumes, the men with those little mustaches, the women with those dresses Th fact that it is shot in France. At the time the french police just beginning to have cars. This was the early 1900’s back then the automobile just surfaced. The epilogue voice over set the mood just fine with the 3 officers doing the jobs catching criminals. Pierre Maguelon’s singing is so cool there were a certain atmosphere back then that was so cool. This series is charming as an original ideas and it has humor in it as well. The story are well thought out there are twist and turn and sometimes you think you know what is going on well you don’t. It is shot in little town and its charm is priceless. There one episode where it is the 6th Tour de France where there is a killer who kills the cyclists. The authentic bikes are superb even the costumes they nailed it to a T. Overall If you can get see this one you are going to love it.





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