THE UNIT (2006 – 2009)

the unit

Creators: David Mamet

Cast: Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Audrey Marie Anderson

a group of men the elite has form a counter-intelligence unit, performing covert missions of a clandestine nature that often border on saving the world, and never be able to take the credit or even admitting  their involvement.

Here is a great series From Mamet and it is addictive. The thing is those men who goes out to a covert operation it is tough on their wine not knowing if their husband is coming back but the men can’t tell them were they are going. the Alpha team is made of Bob (Scott Foley) ,Mack (Max Martini), Charles (Michael Irby), Hector (Demore Barnes), and the  leader Jonas (Dennis Haysbert). All operative under the command of Colonel Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick). Bob is the new guy in town and you see the mistake that he makes by trial an error. You see the relationship that he has with his wife, she does want him to reach his goal that is to get his dream job going. You see the other wife struggle with domestic problem in the everyday life. The missions involves both domestic and foreign concerns. It is an intense, violent unpredictable Jobs but those men love it and do it for their country. Thank to David Mamet This one is a jewel.

the unit dennis haysbert



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