MILLENNIUM (1996 – 1999)


Creator: Chris Carter.

Cast: Lance Henriksen, Megan Gallagher, Terry O’Quinn

Frank and Catherine black as return to their home town to start a new life. Frank is a ex-FBI agent who specialized in serial killer. He was forced to early break down due to an mental breakdown, during his recovery Frank is contacted by Peter watts who is the head of this group called the millennium. Frank has a gift he has a second sights that allows him to get inside a serial killer’s mind. The group thinks he can be useful to close cases that are difficult or disturbing. Although life at home seems perfect somewhat Catherine worrying about Frank mental illness.

Here  is a cool series where the pilot was awesome one hour of presentation of this series introduction of Frank and the millennium Group just enough to keep you guessing. There is some disturbing crime in this series which sets apart every series . It is a series ahead of its time. The format was to be a murder of the week underscored by a growing series of apocalyptic events. In Millennium Chris Carter gave us a dark world of Frank Black and how his mind work to get inside the criminal’s mind. Lancer Henriksen a great actor who deserve to be recognized as such. You could tell that this series was ahead of its time with the dark photography and surreal flashback scenes surpass current mystery and horror series. Even the music is great. But unfortunately like every series that is ahead of its time the show came to an end 3 years later.






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