SCRUBS (2001 – 2010)


Creator: Bill Lawrence.

Cast: Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke

This is not going to be an easy one to describe if you have not seen it yet. It is a cross between ER and grey anatomy but with slapstick comedy and silly as hell and realistic as it is you are going to love it or hate it. For an intern J.P Dorian (Zach Braff) a doctor can be very intimidating. His best friend ChrisTruk (Donald Faison) is aonre og the surgical staff and he is a jock. Turk has a girlfriend , the smart, slightly jaded nurse Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes). For J.D., settling in takes a bit longer. Even the janitor (Neil Flynn) seems to be persecuting him. J.D. has a mentor Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins) who gets all the new one and that is is family. He always gets down on J.D. Then there is the doctor’s ex-wife Jordan Sullivan (Christa Miller) lays out all their secrets which ends the first season.

The ensemble cast works well together, they have chemistry. the show is narrated by J.D. until the 8 season then a new character is introduce in the 9th season who takes over being the narrator. He has a recurring fantasy sequences include the Star Wars cast, Jimmy Walker, and the dancing street gangs of west side story. He has a best female friend who is is lover on occasions who spice things up in the show. She is lovable not in spite of but because of the neuroses that drive her: the ambition, the nervous tics, the insecurity, the tendency to always somehow find the single worst thing to say to any given person. On the other hand Turk is confident an arrogant has a serous girlfriend.  Dr.Cox a little eccentric demand the best and are on his newbies at all the time as he says I am god. It is a silly show wit slapstick comedy and it works very well with a great cast who is talented and a bunch of stars guest star on the show.




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