ALLY MCBEAL (1997 – 2002)



Creator: David E. Kelly

Cast: Calista Flockhart, Greg Germann, Jane Krakowski 

Ally Mcbeal who just join a law firm co owned by her classmate Richard Fish (Greg Germann) after leaving her previous job for sexual harrassement find out that her she will work with her ex boyfriend that she is trying to get over named Billy Thomas (Gil Bellows) and to make things worse billy has gotten married to Georgia (Courtney Thorne smith) and to top it all off she later will joined her husband at the firm.

Here is a corky  lawyer series signed by David E. Kelly. The 1-3 seasons where great the show got a little downhill after that, but is still a great show. at the time it was an original show. Ally is a lawyer who is sucked in this law firm where she sees people consumed by greed and she is comfortable to take on cases that she does not believe in. Her partner are more interested in money and she feels that her role in the firm is more decorative than professional. Ally McBeal is a show a little bit like a combination of  law and order with friends. most of the show revolves on the quest of Ally finding an other mate. Of course you have court drama that follows. There are wacky humor in it and it is an other successful series from David E. Kelly.




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