21 JUMP STREET (1987 – 1991)


Creators: Stephen J. Cannell, Patrick Hasburgh

Cast: Johnny Depp, Dustin Nguyen, Peter DeLuise

21 Jump street is the headquarters for a squad of police officers that specialized in investigation related to juveniles. They were selected because they cold pass for high school students, they didn’t look their age. The after school special crimes usually included  drugs, extortion, gang violence, teen porn rings etc…..This show became a success on Fox for 5 years, and Johnny Depp got to super stardom right after that. If you haven’t seen the show yet you are going to go what the hell are those outfit that they are wearing back then. Yeah I know that was back then watching it again I said to myself oh! god we were wearing those clothes back then. There were Peter DeLuise on that show.  DeLuise and Depp fueled much of the series humor every week.the show explored with a clear eye the complicated teen culture of the day and introducing it with an  dose of adolescent insecurity: it could well be the definitive teenage nightmare to discover that your new friend in school is actually spying on you, looking to narc you out and put you in jail. To me it was like the mob squad of the 80’s. Great show though I truly enjoyed that one.




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