Creator: Robert Rodat

Cast: Maxim Knight, Noah Wyle, Drew Roy 

An aftermath of aliens attack has left the whole work in chaos. What is left of the survivors are  banded together outside major cities to begin the difficult task of fighting back with what weapons they can find. Each day is a test of survival as people and soldier are protecting themselves as well as leraning how to defeat the aliens.


The scene is in this series you don’t see the invasion all you see is survivors who are trying to stay alive and trying ti defeat the aliens who are superior to them. The back story is chilling you see some kids drawing pictures and trying to go to school to get a sense of being normal in their lives. The aliens are taking the kids and using them so the soldiers first thing is to protect the kids. It is not about the invasion, it is about the resistance not the aliens it’s finding hope in an hopeless situation. There is no electricity no communications the armies has been wipe out what’s left of them have to make do of what they have. It is about survival. the first season they are keeping it in the zone there are no flash back, sinister plot. They are making this as they go along. This is a great series from Dreamworks headed by Steven Spielberg, With Noah Wyle on board and a great cast.


The Falling Skies Gallery





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