HAVEN (2010 – )


Cast: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour

Audrey Parker (Emily Rose)  an FBI agent with a lost past turns up in a small town called Haven, Maine. She is on a trail of ex-convict Jonas Lester. she meet with the local police a chief of police named Nicholas Campbell. Lester is found murdered Parker and Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) tries to search for the killer.During the investigation of Lester’s murder Parker learns about the colorado kid and when she pick ups a newspaper she sees a photograph of a woman that looks like herself. Parker decides to stay a little longer in Haven to see if she can recollect her past. She discover that the  town holds secrets.

The series is from the book the Colorado Kid by Stephen King. This series is close to Twin Peaks, if you remember Twin Peaks there is the town and it old secrets as well. But this one in different a little bit. To me it is like Twin Peak / The Ex-Files and that is good because I loved both. Parker is a little bit uptight and the go getter she wants to get thins done as quickly as possible  while Wuomos is laid back. The cinematography is awesome what a beautiful states that is if they really shot it in Maine. Going back to the characters Parker has this serious friendship with Nathan and later on finds out that the woman that was in the paper that resemble her name is Lucy but someone does not want her to find out more than that. On the top of it there isn’t much about Parker family history. Although every week some kind of supernatural stuff happen and a bunch of secret are revealed. This is a jewel on the Sci-Fi channel not to be missed.




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