MASTERS OF SEX (2013 – )

Masters of sex

Creator:  Michelle Ashford

Cast: Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin FitzGerald 

In the 1950’s Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) is about to discover the most important study of his career. Little is know about the sexual response to sexual stimulation. So Masters decided to do a little experiment. The only problem is that the country is conservative like the head chief of the hospital. You see Masters is a Gynecologist, and he thinks since there is no study on sex he will be the first one to do so, but some people see him as a pervert. Somehow masters has the go to do his study. He hires an assistant Johnson who used to be a night club dancer who has this gift to make people who are shy at ease and ready for the experiment. Will Masters and Johnson resist the attraction that they have for each other.

Here is a great idea for a series although it is the Pioneer of sex and it is a great series that is well acted and written. It is set in the 50’s where not too many people knew what was oral sex and orgasm, there were no manual about it. Masters had to fight to get his studies the go ahead. Some people were eager to do it for science. You Masters is a bit shy about sex even with his wife but he can talk about it with his assistant and his subjects. He has an awkward moment with his wife when he has sex with her even when she is pregnant he shy away from her. Her being pregnant makes him in easy. it is provocative material and it might feel uneasy for some people to see this series so be aware. For those who are not uneasy like myself it is well written and not gratuitous sex, it is well done. The cast is just right and has chemistry. Michael Sheen’s performance is outstanding he has this obsession about sex, he is driving by his research and will stop at nothing to get it done. Then there is the wonderful performance of Lizzy Caplan a driven assistant who needed a job because she has 2 kids and a dead beat ex-husband. Overall a series not to be missed.


Masters of Sex


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