sapphire and steel

Creator: Peter Hammond

Cast: David McCallum, Joanna Lumley, David Collings 

Here is a cult remarkable series and you can find the complete series on DVD, or go to Netflix. David McCallum and Joanna Lumley (both cool and elegant and off-putting), Sapphire and Steel is an intelligent, mysterious,  fascinating also featuring Lumley and McCallum as inter-dimensional agents who roam the time corridor, looking for breaks in the walls, and errors include places and times when some brutal crime has been committed or some evil force from another dimension is trying to enter our world. I remember when this was on and I thought cool a sic fi series , back then it  was well done with the special effect. The character steel doesn’t like people too much even less kids and has a short temper. Sapphire is on the warmer  side of the two. There were not too much violence, no blood but the series was frightening  at times, it went to the dark side. the series was a low budget one  however it had a great set. I am assuming there are young people visiting my site so I will try to get the best series out there and the one that maybe you never heard of. This might be one of them I had to dig deep for this one. A well acted series and fun to watch somehow it got cut short.




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