THE PRACTICE (1997 – 2004)

the practice

Creator: David E. Kelly

Cast: Dylan McDermott, Kelli Williams, Lara Flynn Boyle 

Here is an other from David E. kelly a small firm started by Bobby Donnell (Dylan Mcdermott) is struggling just open a firm and he is truing to get customers through the door as well as hire some more lawyer.


This was a great series From David Kelly again. I was hooked from the beginning. Here are the players :Steve Harris portrays Eugene Young, the ruthless, yet sensitive lawyer in the firm. He puts his clients before his believes of right and wrong. He has an 11’year old son, Kendil and an ex-wife Sharon (Aunjanue Ellis). Lindsey Dole ( Kelli Williams),  Lindsey is a fighter, an expert at constitutional law. She isn’t easily distracted by anything other than the love of her life, Bobby. Camryn Manheim , makes an excellent statement and speaks for big women.  Her character, Ellenor, is a sensitive, yet strong person who will help her clients no matter what. Lisa Gay Hamilton (Rebecca Washington)  Rebecca  is a simple person, who fails to begin a social life because she is too caught up with her work. Rebecca enjoys her work, but attracts wacko judges. She is a valuble addition to the family  and is the kind of lawyer you would like to have on your side. D.A. Helen Gamble is played  Lara Flynn Boyle. She is a lawyer who believes in doing what’s right. Because of this she despises greatly of defense attorneys and the people they sometimes have to defend. She is a tough district attorney. Michael Baddalucco  as Jimmy Berluti, the sweet,  lawyer of the firm. Berluti has no special knowledge of the law system, but his strength lies in the fact that he can come through to juries as a normal, regular guy. Baddalucco won an Emmy if I remember correctly. Marla Sokoloff plays Lucy Hatcher. She is the secretary of the firm, fun person who can’t keep her opinion to herself. This has created the firm some problems in the past. All the actors has done beautiful performances in this series. As the series goes on they take on for client drug dealer, murderer,etc…….and the firm has this quick reputation to be the best will they be able to handle It?




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